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How To Plan A Fun White Elephant Party

Making sure that everything will go well and confusion and misunderstanding will be avoided at the white elephant party is on every organizers mind. There are but a few things to keep in mind in order to have an orderly gift exchange without hiccups. What needs to be done?

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1. Decide The Rules

You must decide what the rules are going to be for your particular party. Do you want to have a specific theme for gifts? Do you want to havea suggested price limit for the amount of mony that each guest is expected to spend? Are there any specific rules that the gift exchange will use, like a countdown timer or the "no steal till all gifts are opened" rule? Make sure you have a clear set of instructions for everyone to follow.

2. Pick The Date

One of the most important decisions to make when planning a Christmas party is when to host it, because you want to make sure everyone can attend. The best way to determine the perfectly fitting date is to ask around the guests. If you are hosting a party for work, an evening event after work hours may work best, for other occasions it might be a good idea to run a party on the weekend.

3. Pick The Location

Pick a location for the party that is convenient for everyone to get to. Most offices do the office party at the office itself and then head out for dinner or have dinner and drinks cattered at the spot.

College and university students often arrange their Christmas parties and white elephant exchanges on campus often in the caffeteria area or a local coffee shop. If you want to use a school facility however, you might want to make arrangements well in advance.

4. Food/Drinks Arrangements

While many groups will go out to have a bite or have catering arranged in some corporate events, the best and the most fun way to celebrate the white elephant gift exchange is by having a potluck! Everyone cooks/brings their favourite dish and so the entire group can taste a big variety of tasty treats. It's important for an organizer to ensure that everyone will get back home safely if alcohol is ivolved, so it's good idea to mention if the party will hve alcohol for everyone to make commuting arrangements.

5. Notify Guests & RSVP

Once all the details are finalized, notify everyone about the event, location and all the details including the game rules for swapping elephant gifts. Easy way to share event informationis to create an event and share the event link with everyone via email or if your group has a website such as a company site or events page, post a link to your white elephant event page.

Here's all that you need to know in order to plan a white elephant gift exchange event.

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